“I want you to know what a difference you have made in my life. I asked you some time ago to work with me on my Parkinson’s Disease of 4 years duration.  Three months later, now, a radical change has taken place. I can race through my set of exercises without a rest in less than 15 minutes, and I average doing them 4 days a week at home. I have been around long enough as a practicing primary care physician to recognize superior performance in our medical profession. You are very skilled Physical Therapist. In addition to being very talented, you are kind, very patient, and inspire hope that change can take place and that hard work will be rewarded.”

-D.W. 2016

“Sherry is an outstanding physical therapist and was instrumental in my recovery. Her willingness and flexibility to perform services nearby my work accelerated my progress. In addition, her advice on improving my workout routine resulted in me losing 15 pounds and being in the best shape of my life. I would strongly recommend her services and will use her again.”

-S.U. 2015

“Sherry, is the best physical therapist I know. She can work with anyone, every age and every stage. Her mild manner put’s even the most apprehensive patient at ease. She is an amazing athlete and knows exactly how important it is have a healthy strong body and can’t help in one’s recover from an injury, surgery or just plain pain.”

-E.C. 2015 ​

“Sherry Madding – Thank you for all your help!  I came to Sherry with both a shoulder and knee problem. I was lucky to find Sherry: she’s a magician! She doesn’t use any complex equipment; instead she used a few simple stretches and straight-forward techniques. After 4 weeks (2 times a week), my problems are gone. Plus, I learned more tricks to work around future pain. Sherry was extremely down to earth and very kind and understanding to my needs and fears. She was excellent not only in solving my problems, but explaining what she was trying to do and educating me how to take care of myself. For me, Sherry was extremely helpful and informative.”

-D.B. 2015 

“Sherry Madding is a miracle worker – I saw her for two bulging disks in my back, and I feel much much better and was able to avoid surgery and pain medications!  Sherry is the best physical therapist – very intuitive, thoughtful, empowers you with customized strengthening exercises to do at home, and has a wonderful understanding of the body and how to get to the root of healing your problem! She is great, super nice, friendly, kind, and always tried to accommodate my schedule requests. She is superbly trained and has a wonderful way about her; my time with her far exceeded any expectations I had.”

– J.S. 2015

“I have seen Sherry Madding off and on for physical therapy for the last 20 years. She has pulled me out of some very difficult injuries. I consider her to be on the foreground of her profession. She is compassionate and a good listener. She is trained in musculoskeletal dysfunction in both diagnosis and treatment. She is constantly studying and upgrading her knowledge. Being in the medical profession myself, I believe in her excellence in the field of physical therapy.”

– S.P 2014

“I have Sherry Madding to thank for helping me though a number of conditions over the years. She is a terrific practitioner – really exceptional.”

– D.S. 2014

“I’d seen a number of physical therapists before Sherry was recommended to me. Once I was treated by her, I saw what a remarkable difference a single therapist can make. She excels at every aspect of treatment – assessing a problem, treating it in a hands-on way, proposing ergonomic strategies to address it at home, and presenting a client with exercises to help alleviate the problem in daily life.”

– S.M. 2014

“Sherry has been working with me on my torn labrum & rotator cuff shoulder rehabilitation. I went into surgery with a short recovery prognosis mindset, and they found more than anticipated. She’s been inspirational in terms of getting my range of motion back as well as a positive influence in my progress, both physical and emotional. Sherry has the ability to push me to find the balance and fine line between doing too much or doing too little.””

– D.L. 2014

“I recently completed a series of patient appointments with Sherry Madding for my back. Being 78+ I have had PT for the same or similar purposes before. I was extremely impressed with Sherry’s knowledge, concern for me and the suggestions she made that have helped greatly. It was easily the finest PT experience I have ever had and commend her.”

– C.A. 2013

“Sherry Madding/Physical Therapy Plus  is the best place to go for me in my many sports related injury recovery programs. Sherry Madding is compassionate and has kept me at ease with a charming manner that shows in her work.””

– G.A. 2013

“What a gift Sherry Madding is – knowledgeable and compassionate and always helps me feel so better better.”

– J.M. 2012

“…I came to you with my back seized up. I could hardly move. I told you that I had problems with my ribs moving from an old injury from throwing the discus when I was 16… I wanted to let you know that my back is doing a lot better, thanks in a big part to you… I want you to know how important you are in my healing process. You were one of the only two people over twenty-some years who gave me something that helped… There’s nothing like feeling better, and knowing that I can have my health back. Thanks for your help in that.

– D.V. 2011

“Sherry’s knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed. Her understanding of physiology and the subtleties of movement and impact on recovery are unparalleled. She is able to pinpoint motor difficulties and effectively communicate and show you how to exercise for recovery. I’ve had two knee surgeries and could not imagine not being under Sherry’s care. Without her skill and knowledge I’m sure my recovery would have been protracted and I’d surely walk with a pronounced limp. I recommend Sherry if you want full recovery!”

– G.T. 2010

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